Mansfield Window Screen Repair

Over 40 years of experience!

How do I drop off screens?

Pets shredding your window and door screens?  We can help!

Even if you don't have pets, your window screens do wear out over time and need to be replaced.

With 40+ years of experience and many screening options available, we look foward to making those screens look as nice as the rest of your home!


My Screens need help!--Now What?

 Simple, just drop them off at our Mansfield, Ohio, location and we will fix them up like new in no time!  We will show you your screen options and take your information, give you a claim slip, and you are all set!  Our usual turnaround time is two days to fix your screens, and your screens will be ready on time --  guaranteed or your screen repair is free!

 Our drop-off location is at Pumpkin Seed Bulk Food Co. on the corner of Lexington Ave. and Executive Dr.  Please click the button below to visit their website for more information, maps, etc.  It's just a short drive from Ashland, Shelby, Ontario, Lexington, Bellville, and the surrounding Mansfield, Ohio, area.

Click for drop-off location info!

Black or Gray Fiberglass:

This is by far the most popular customer choice -- 80% or more of our repairs use this screening choice.  It is the most economical type of screen, but still provides good puncture and rip resistance.

Black Aluminum:

This screen material is the old standby choice with better puncture resistance than fiberglass, and it holds up better in UV rays.  A downside of aluminum is that it is harder to see through than fiberglass.

Pet Screen:

This is the most durable screen material we have, and it will repel those claws and paws quite well!  Since it is thicker it also works better for sun blockage than any of the other screen choices.  Even if you don't have pets and just want a heavy duty screen that will last for many seasons, Pet Screen is your ultimate choice!